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It was weird to see a job ad for a journalist advocate working for Facebook, to promote the use of Facebook under journalists. Did reporters not discover the networking site yet? For years, the social media site is known for its benefits. In 2009, Mashable already wrote about the opportunities to find leads for an article, to find sources to get information and a two-way communication tool to reach an audience. Nothing new… also not because one year earlier, already was described how a journalist found a way to make scoops using Facebook as a platform of preference.

In the time of Web 3.0, where many journalists still seem to prefere their notepad and pencil over the computer and the internet for professional use, Facebook (among others) is a good platform to integrate and create groups and interaction. Hanging out on Facebook must lead to stories, is a quote that can be found in several places.

So why would Facebook need a journalist to be a journalist advocate? Why don’t reporters find Facebook? It has in a way the agility of Twitter in the perspective of speed – and at the same time, the functionality of LinkedIn with groups for special knowledge. And it is quite easy to connect with people. I just wonder why this should be brought under the attention of the professionals. I’m curious how you as a journalist think of Facebook. I like it for several purposes. Hanging out, hearing about new professional developments, to name one example. How do you think of this?


Twitter and media – what’s up doc?

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Twitter and media have in a way a weird relationship. They are linked to each other but i have the impression that media professionals (I mean: news media professionals) have difficulties to make the combination. Twitter is fast and impulsive, whilst their traditional, quality product is sometimes too deep to suffer of the fast and superficial tweets. Yes, journalists may use twitter to source (and nine other ways) but in general they are not the most active users. Some of them, even editors in chiefs, have difficulties getting a substantial followers base. I like to dig into this matter and if you feel like, if you have any tips to share: let me know!

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