Twitter Isn’t Journalism

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I Am Majid Social Media Campaign

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BusinessWeek has an interesting article about¬†Twitter Isn’t Journalism. It relates a bit to the last post which makes it quite interesting to put it in context. It containts an historical perspective containing several examples of use of social media in the past during journalistic coverage. Poor news coverage and difficulty in verification of the sources create a contrast with the speed of the newsfacts, illustrative links and (new) sources and perspective to a story. It makes an interesting read. The conclusion, which is that journalists have to learn how to deal with Twitter and alike media, is easy to conform!


Journalism 2.0: Social Media Ethics

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In the slideshare presentation¬†Journalism 2.0: Social Media Ethics, Nathan T. Wright gives some cues on how to judge and work with sources from social media. This subject is actual as in this kind of cicumstances, social media give often more information. Think of the revolts in Egypt, the news about the Christmas lights at Harrod’s in London, plane crashes and other accidents. The reliability of the sources need checking, probably even more then usual. The challenge is often to find the right person who is a source, place the message in context of what happened. Checking twice or more often is the rule here. Nathan gives some useful handles, also on how to judge images that may be manipulated.

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