Reception UMTS of KPN Netherlands

KPN UMTS coverage in The Netherlands

Telecom provider KPN in The Netherlands is about to charge an additional fee for services such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, online video… in order to cope with the increasing data traffic that smartphones and other mobile-ready equipment are causing. This means that a subscriber will pay to be online and additional to it, for certain services. This is strange as they are online services. It’s a miracle why one kind of data is different than another. Why not charge for the total volume consumed, this sounds fair. This also may be an incentive for the hard- and software suppliers to have a look to their products. In my house, we have a Blackberry and an Android phone. As we are regularly in other countries, we have the Vodafone Internet op Reis bundle, which gives 35MB/day for 2 euros/day. And a text message when this limit is reached. The Android phone usually gets this message at 1 or 2PM, as the Blackberry with comparable or more intensive use does not get to this volume. Yes, the Blackberry data is being compressed by the Blackberry Internet Service – but charging for data can give a difference for the preferences people will have. By the way, in the landline world, there also is price differentiation according to internet usage, translated to volume and speed of the connection. This could be adopted for mobile.